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Cabinet Tip Screwdriver
  • Slotted tip is the same dimension as the shaft
  • Used for outlet face-plate screws (3/16") to attach cover without scratching cover surface
Keystone Tip Screwdriver
  • Slotted tip, keystone shaped for additional strength
  • Used when additional strength is required
Phillips Tip Screwdriver
  • Cross tip, comes in many sizes to match screw head
  • Used for Phillips screw heads
  • Most common size used by electricians is P#2 for screws on outlets, switches, and similar devices
Square Recess Screwdriver
  • Square tip, comes in many sizes to match screw head
  • Used for Square Recess or Robertson screw heads
  • Most common size used by electricians is SQ#2 for screws on outlets, switches, and similar devices
Combo-Tip Screwdriver
  • Combines the tip attributes of either Slotted and Square or Slotted, Phillips, and Square
  • Combo-Tips are used on Combination Head screw heads
  • The Combo-Tips provides better grip on these type of screws due to its many surfaces contacting the screw recesses



Linesman Pliers
  • Also referred to as "Side-Cutters" and "Hammers"
  • Used for cutting, pulling, and stripping wire
  • Crimp dies (U or Flat) used to compress crimps around wires
  • Fish tape pullers aid in pulling wires and tapes

Diagonal Cutting Pliers
  • Also referred to as "diagonal cutters"
  • Cuts wires, pulls, and rocks tapes
  • Available in both flat (standard) or angled-head (better for flush-cuts and rocking out staples)

Long-Nose Pliers
  • Also referred to as "needle nose" or "long reach" pliers
  • Good for reaching inside electrical boxes, twisting loops on wire, cutting wire, and grabbing/twisting  electrical box pry-outs

Tongue & Groove Pliers
  • Also referred to as "pump pliers" and "arc joints"
  • Used for tightening conduit fittings, lock-nuts, and similar threaded things

Slip-Joint Pliers
  • Also referred to as "combination" or "standard" pliers
  • General purpose plier for utility use
  • Slip joint pivot facilitates expanding the jaw capacity to grip larger nuts and bolts



Wire Strippers
  • Used to strip electrical insulation from wires
  • Wire looping hole can be used to prepare wires



Multi-Crimp Tool
  • Cutter nose (knife and anvil) used to cut wires
  • Crimping dies for insulated and non-insulated barrel crimps and crush crimps
Cable Cutter 2/0
  • Also referred to as "parrot jaws"
  • Cuts large gauge wire, up to 2/0 AWG Cu or AI cable
  • Used primarily by commercial electricians on feeder cable
  • Not for use on steel wire, bolts, or staples
Adjustable Wrench
  • Used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts
  • Adjustable head allows it to be used with different sizes of fastener heads



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International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
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