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Basic Lockout/Tagout Kit



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Basic Lockout/Tagout Kit


The Basic Lockout/Tagout Kit from IDEAL includes a selection of the most popular lockout/tagout devices, enclosed in a small zipper pouch with belt loops and rings for convenient carrying. All hinged lockouts with locking post design, lock lever in OFF position to seclude and prevent breaker use.

The Padlock with Red bumper features 3/4 in. shackle that is coated with rust-proof steel and has a nickel-plated shackle to withstand abuse/environmental hazards. Also comes with two brass keys for the padlock. The Heavy-Duty Lockout Tags with "Do Not Operate" legend provide high-visibility and are made of plastic that resists corrosive/harsh environmental conditions. Write-on tag with 7/8 in. grommet can be fixed to device to avoid illegal removal. Kit meets OSHA standards.

• A great selection of the most popular lockout/tagout devices
• Small nylon zipper pouch features belt loops and D-rings for easy attachment to belts, tool pouches, tool carts and more

Kit Contents

Description Quantity Part. No.
Universal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout 1 44-783
Wall Switch Lockout 1 44-789
1 in. Safety Lockout Hasp 1 44-800
480/600V Breaker Lockout 1 44-807
Universal 277V Breaker Lockout/Single Pole 1 44-809
Hinged Single-Pole Breaker Lockouts 2 44-810
110V Plug Lockout 1 44-818
Striped Lockout Tags - Do Not Operate 5 44-849
3/4 in. Red Padlock 1 44-906
Zipper Pouch 1 IA-3240

Quantities listed in kit description are for individual pieces, not carded packages. 

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