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Mechanical Indentor and Crimp Tool



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Mechanical Indentor & Crimp Tool


The mechanical indentor and crimp tool is suitable for use with a range of copper and aluminum terminals and splices. Its dieless design makes use of a nest and indentor pair made of high-strength steel for durability. The indentor is adjustable to accommodate aluminum terminals and splices from (AWG) #8 to 4/0, and copper terminals and splices from #8 AWG to 250 circular mils. Clearly marked gauges on the side of the tool aids the user in making proper adjustments, and the tool's handles have rubber grips for increased user comfort.  This crimper is suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial crimping applications and connections are UL Listed when using this tool with IDEAL Non-Insulated Terminals (#8-#4 AWG).

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