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Heavy-Duty Square Shaft Keystone Cushioned-Grip Screwdrivers



Blade Length

Handle Length

Overall Length

Part No.

1/4 in. shank and tip

4 in.

4-5/16 in.

8-5/16 in.


5/16 in. shank and tip  

6 in. 

 5-11/32 in.

 11-11/32 in.


3/8 in. shank and tip  

 8 in.

 5-11/32 in.

 13-11/32 in.


The Heavy-Duty Square Shaft Keystone Cushioned-Grip Screwdriver features a tough, chrome vanadium steel blade and heavy-duty square shank that offers wrench-assisted turning. Its cushion-grip handle is resistant to oil, gas, and water, and helps to prevent slippage offering greater torque as well as superior comfort. Plate chipping is prevented by a vapor-blasted tip, which is also cross-ground to provide a precise and secure fit in the screw slot. The handle ends are also color-coded for quick and easy identification. Screwdriver meets ASTM F1505-01, EN, DIN and IEC 60 900-test standards.

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