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Combo Head™ Cushioned-Grip Screwdriver



Blade Length

Handle Length

Overall Length

Part No.

Combo Head™ Cushioned-Grip Screwdriver

4 in.

4-5/16 in.

8-5/16 in.


Electrician's Champion™ Combo Head™ Cushioned-Grip Screwdriver

4 in.

4-5/16 in.

8-5/16 in.


These 100% U.S.A.-made screwdrivers are finished with cellulose acetate handles that provide maximum comfort and grip. The tip is vapor blasted and precision-machined to ensure accurate fastener fit and engagement. The blade, made of alloy steel, has been nickel chrome-plated for better resistance from corrosion and offer added durability. These screwdrivers are designed to accurately and securely fit most Combination Fasteners, and all come equipped with easy-to-read FastFinder™ handles.

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