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Phillips Cushioned-Grip Screwdrivers



Blade Length

Handle Length

Overall Length

Part No.

#1 Phillips

3 in.

3-3/4 in.

6-3/4 in.


#2 Phillips  

1-1/2 in. 

1-15/16 in. 

3-7/16 in. 


 #2 Phillips

 4 in.

 4-5/16 in.

 8-5/16 in.


#2 Phillips  

 6 in.

 4-5/16 in.

 10-5/16 in.


#3 Phillips  

 6 in.

 5-23/64 in.

 11-23/64 in.


The Phillips Cushioned-Grip Screwdrivers boast a rugged, nickel-chrome plating, great for corrosion resistance. These screwdrivers offer several different tip sizes and feature FastFinder™ handles that quickly help the user identify the tip type on the end of the handle. The cushion-grip handles are resistant to oil, gas and water, helping to prevent slippage for greater torque and superior comfort. For easy identification, the handle ends are color-coded.

• Cushioned rubber grip

• Impact and chemical resistant cellulose acetate core 

• Rugged nickel chrome finish shank for corrosion resistance

• FastFinder™ handle quickly helps identify the tip type on the end of the handle

• Vapor-blasted tip to prevent plate chipping and improve fastener engagement

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