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Linesman Pliers


Description (Smart-Grip™ Handles)

Part No.

9-1/2 in. Linesman Plier w/New England nose and crimping die


Description (Dipped-Grip Handles)

Part No.

9-1/2 in. Linesman Plier w/New England nose, crimping die and fish tape puller


Electrician's Champion™ Linesman Pliers


The IDEAL Made in the U.S.A. tool line uses forged-steel construction, which provides extra strength and hardness without sacrificing flexibility. Features knife-to-knife cutting blades, high leverage pivots, cam-action fish tape puller and dual crimp dies.
• Knife-to-knife blades rarely need resharpening
• Cuts hardened wire, bolts and stainless steel wire


IDEAL Linesman Pliers

Proudly Made in the USA

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