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Pro Tone Generator



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Pro Tone Generator


The 62-160 Pro Tone Generator is used to send an analog tone signal over copper cables to aid in identifying the location and identification of the cable.  The signal is picked-up, or amplified, by using the 62-164 amplifier probe (sold separately).  The tone generator has both RJ-11/12 and Coax F-female interfaces to attach terminated cables directly to the unit.  An alligator clip assembly is included to send tone signals on any de-energized copper cables including electrical cables, speaker wires, alarm cables, and more.

Three different user selectable tone patterns are emitted from the generator.  Generator drives all conductors of port under test for a stronger signal and easier cable identification.  

Tone generator can be used for testing coax, twisted pair cables and other copper cables.  The auto-off feature engages after three hours on non-use to conserve battery life.  Generator has a setting to provide power for talk sets.  Continuity test setting also included for positively identifying cables and verifying continuity.

The 62-160 is also available in the 33-864 Pro Tone Generator & Amplifier Probe Kit which includes the 62-164 Amplifier, 62-160 Tone Generator, carrying case, and accessories.

• Analog tone generator for de-energized copper cables
• RJ-11/12 and F port interfaces
• 3 tone settings
• Alligator clips for testing other de-energized cables
• Continuity testing and talk set power settings
• Tester uses 9V battery – included


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