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RG-11 Coax Stripper



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RG-11 Coax Stripper for Compression Connectors


The 45-111 is a dedicated RG-11 coax stripper.  The stripper has fixed depth blades to provide an industry standard ¼” x ¼” cable prep, which leaves ¼” of conductor exposed and leaves ¼” of shielding exposed.  This is the standard required strip length for IDEAL RG-11 compression F connectors. Factory preset for immediate out-of-package use.
• Fixed blades require no adjustments for RG-11
• Provides a ¼” x ¼” industry standard coax strip for RG-11 compression F
• Notched blade prevents damage to center conductor
• Also works on some RG-11 Plenum rated cables
• Recommended for prepping IDEAL 89-211 RG-11 F compression connector

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