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Coax Stripmaster® RG-59 Wire Stripper



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Coax Stripmaster® for RG-59


Replacement RG-59 Coax Stripmaster® Blade


Coax Stripmaster® for RG-59 coax cables.  Each tool includes the standard Stripmaster® tool frame and knife type blades for 2-step stripping of RG-59 coaxial cables.  The Stripmaster tool allows the user to strip one level at a time, and the user can determine the proper strip length between levels.  This tool is still widely used for non-traditional, non ¼” x ¼” strip preparation applications.   If your applications require a standard ¼” x ¼” cable prep, we highly recommend the 45-605 PrepPRO™ for those applications.
There are over 100 standard blade types that are available for the Stripmaster frame.
If you are stripping multiple types of cable: RG-59/6/6 quad, you will need individual die sets for each type, or carry 3 tools with you.  The Stripmaster is best for installers that are consistently working with a single type of cable, or prepping cables for non- ¼” x ¼” cable connectors (Compression, Crimp F, Twist).
To use, center the cable over the smaller hole, squeeze handles quickly, and cut the cable to expose the center conductor.  Then center the tool over the larger hole and remove the required jacket amount to expose the shield layer of the coax cable.  The shield layer can also be hand trimmed as needed for multi-piece crimp BNC, N, and other RF connector types.     
• RG-59 blade set plus Stripmaster frame
• User defined strip lengths – great for niche/legacy RF connectors
• Knife type blade designed for use on RG-59 only
• Spring loaded handles.  Strip one level at a time.  One handle squeeze per level.
• No field adjustments required
• Heavy duty zinc die cast body frame
• Frame is compatible with other standard Stripmaster knife-type blades
• Replacement blades are available (LB-743)
• Made in the USA of US and Global Components

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