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PrepPRO® Coax/UTP Cable Stripper



Part No.

PrepPRO™ Coax/UTP Cable Stripper


Replacement Coax Cartridge (Gray)


Replacement UTP Cartridge (Blue)


The PrepPRO™ combination Coax/UTP prep tool strips a wide range of coaxial cable types with no adjustments or settings required to the tool.  The PrepPRO™ can strip RG-59 and RG-6 in regular, quad, and all plenum versions without adjusting anything on the tool.   No need to adjust blade depths or tool settings.  Factory preset for immediate out-of package use.
The PrepPRO™ gray coax cartridge has 2 fixed blades, including a new notched blade, to provide an industry standard ¼” x ¼” cable prep, which leaves ¼” of conductor exposed and leaves ¼” of shielding exposed.  This is the standard required strip length for all IDEAL compression, crimp on, and twist on connectors.

A second blue cartridge is included for UTP/twisted pair cable stripping.  The single blade cartridge can be used to strip the jacket of Cat 5e/6 cables.

Rotate the PrepPRO™ around the jacket 3-5 times for coax and only once for twisted pair cables.
• Fixed blades require no adjustments to do a wide range of cable types
• Provides a ¼” x ¼” industry standard coax strip (gray cartridge)
• Works on RG-59/RG-59 Plenum/RG-6/RG-6 Plenum/RG-6 Quad/RG-6 Quad Plenum
• Fixed blade depth, replaceable cartridges available
• Also strips UTP/STP Cat 5e/ Cat 6 (blue cartridge)
• New notched coax blades offers an improved RG-59 Plenum performance
• Spring force for fast and consistent cutting depth - 3-5 quick rotations for most cables
• Robust blades are designed to last for over 3,000 strips
• Compact size fits in pocket and saves tool bag space
• Reversible blades for left or right handed users
• Replacement blade cartridges are available
• Made in the USA of US and Global Components

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