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Economy UTP Cable Stripper



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Economy UTP Cable Stripper


The 45-167 is an economical jacket stripping tool that can be used on multiple types of twisted pair jackets ranging from Cat 3 to Cat 6, and other similar diameter cables, like speaker cable or alarm wire.  Use the largest size possible of the four stripping notches for your cable to score the jacket surface. Then just flex the jacket to snap the slug loose and remove it.  

Rotate the stripper around the jacket just enough to score the jacket and avoid cutting through the jacket or inner conductors may be nicked or damaged.  Blade depth is fixed and is not adjustable.  The blade is permanently affixed to the tool.
• Economy UTP / round cable jacket stripper
• Strips Cat 3/5e/6 twisted pair and other round cable jackets
• 4 strip notches to accommodate different diameter cable
• Fixed blade, not replaceable
• Flexible hinge eases cable entry/removal and allows for some blade depth variation when pressed

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