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Electrician’s Scissors



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Electrician’s Scissors w/ Stripping Notches


5 ½” Electrician’s Scissors are used for cutting smaller gauge copper wires and trimming conductors in telephone and data applications.  Scissors are nickel plated to resist corrosion.  Two stripping notches on the blades strip 19 and 23 AWG wires for telecommunications applications.  Serrated blade edges grip wire during the cutting process.  Ridges on outer blade edges are used for scraping and filing.
• 5 ½” overall length, nickel plated construction
• Designed for use in electrical and telecommunications applications
• 19 and 23 AWG strip notches built into the blade
• Serrated cutting edges help grip cable jackets
• Tool is not-insulated.  Do not use on live circuits.

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