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Cable Splicing Kit



Part No.

Cable Splicing Kit


Cable Splicer’s Kit includes the IDEAL 35-088 Electrician’s Scissors, the 35-1091 Cable Splicer Knife, and a leather pouch to hold both tools.  This popular kit is a staple of data, telecommunications, and many electrical contractors incorporating the two most used cutting tools in a high quality, top grain leather pouch.  The pouch is riveted, not stitched, for long term durability while holding sharp cutting tools.  Pouch includes a belt loop pass through.   

• 5 ½” length scissors, nickel plated construction
• Designed for use in electrical and telecommunications applications
• High-carbon steel knife for jacket stripping
• Riveted leather pouch protects tool edges and the user from accidental damage
• Tools are not-insulated.  Do not use on live circuits.

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