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Adjustable 3 Blade Coax Stripper



Part No.

Adjustable Coax Stripper -

3 Step (Black Cartridge)


Replacement Cartridge - Black


One of our original styles of coaxial cable strippers for RG-58/59/6/6 Quad coax.  What makes these products unique is that each blade is individually adjustable so if you are working with a non-standard type of coaxial cable (thicker jacket or thinner dielectric – 50Ω cables, for example) the blades can be positioned according to the cable dimensions for a precise cut.  If the traditional industry standard ¼” x ¼” prep tools just won’t work for your application, these are the products to try.  
A 3 position top side slide bar adjusts the cable V-notch size for fast adjustments of different diameter cables.
Each tool includes a hex wrench stored in the handle.  It is used to adjust the hex set screws to change the depth of each blade.
The 45-520 is a 3 blade model that is designed to offer a ¼” shield exposure, ¼” dielectric exposure, and ¼” conductor exposure.  Conductor exposure is variable, up to ½”.  This is primarily used in legacy RF crimp connectors.  It is not used with modern day compression connectors.  The third blade can be recessed to a no-cut position to allow the 45-520 to operate as a standard 2-step stripper.  
If your applications require a standard ¼” x ¼” cable prep, we highly recommend the 45-605 PrepPRO™ for those applications.  If you need the 3 step, or variable blade adjustment for unique cables or applications, then the 45-520 3-step adjustable blade stripper is for you.  

• 3 individually adjustable blades for non-standard and standard cables
• ¼” x ¼” strip between the 3 blades; open end for variable conductor lengths
• Designed for use on RG-58/RG-59/RG-6/RG-6 Quad
• Spring loaded handles - 5-7 rotations for most cables
• Hex wrench included in handle for blade depth adjustments
• 3rd blade can be set to a recessed no-cut position to use a s a 2-step stripper
• Replacement blade cartridges are no longer available

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