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Cat 5e RJ-45 and Strain Relief Boots




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Cat 5e RJ-45 and Strain Relief Boots (15 each)

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This co-pack includes 15 each Cat 5e RJ-45 8P8C (eight position/eight contact) modular plug connectors and 15 blue RJ-45 snagless strain relief boots.  The connectors support the latest TIA/EIA standards for twisted pair cabling up to 100 MHz.  IDEAL modular plugs are designed to work seamlessly with the IDEAL Telemaster™ series of modular plug crimp tools.  Plugs are designed and manufactured to support all 100Ω cable wiring schemes including the widely used TIA-568A and TIA-568B configurations.  
Strain relief boots can be used when a new patch cable is being made.  The boots need to be placed onto the cable before both connector ends are terminated.  The boots help to protect the modular plug body, especially the latch tab, from external handling damage.  The strain relief feature on the boots helps to maintain the cable bend radius and limits conductor movement inside the connector that can lead to continuity failures over time.
• Includes 15 each of RJ-45 Cat 5e and blue snagless strain relief boot
• Great for making professional performing and looking custom length cables
• 8 position, 8 contact RJ-45 modular plug for Cat 5e, 100Ω balanced twisted pair 100 MHz cables
• 50 micro-inch gold plating on contact mating area for long term reliability in connectivity, even after hundreds of mating cycles
• Boots prevent broken connector tabs and snagging while extending connector life
• Complies with industry standard mechanical and electrical specifications for compatibility with compliant modular jacks and ports
• Designed to work seamlessly with IDEAL Telemaster™ crimping tools.  Also compatible with industry standard modular plug crimping tools meeting specifications.
• Three prong contact design for use with solid or stranded 24-26 AWG insulated copper conductors. Max conductor diameter of 0.042"/1.07mm.  Max recommended cable outer jacket diameter 0.270"/ 6.8mm.
• Permanent connection - once crimped they cannot be reused
• Primary and secondary strain relief supports to retain cable jacket and minimize conductor movement once crimped
• Non feed through design to prevent external conductor/device shorting and RF signal leakage
• Minimizes cable bends that can reduce data speed and result in data loss
• Dampens cable movement and vibrations that can result in premature connector failure
• Sized for Cat 5e and smaller diameter Cat 6 twisted pair cables
• Fits industry standard RJ-45 8P8C connectors
• 5.5mm diameter cable opening

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